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Summer is coming and it’s time to start digging!

07 April, 2019

The summer months usually mean that it’s project season in the garden for many people. Vacation time spells time to finally get around to do all of those things that have been in the pipeline for most of the year. Maybe it’s a swimming pool, maybe it’s a new stone pathway or maybe it’s a pond. Whatever the project, one thing is certain, you are going to need to hire some tools.

There are many considerations to take into account when starting a new garden project, whatever it may be. It is for instance necessary to make a project plan and budget, however it is also important to familiarise yourself with any equipment that might be needed. Such as maybe buying or perhaps even more economically wise, hire an excavator like a mini digger. In any case, useful tips on hiring equipment might come in handy.

Going back to basics

When starting a new project, it is vital to have a plan, to estimate what it is going to take to make the project in question a success. One thing that is often underestimated is the amount of time and money it is going to take acquiring the right type of equipment needed. Here it might be beneficial to start by looking at the market for hire instead of purchase as it is seldom necessary to actually own machinery such as excavators. It will save time and space in addition to being much more cost effective. So, let’s dig into what you might need to know about the hire market of excavators.

There are many different types of excavators on the hire market and one such example is the mini digger. Often used when large quantity of soil needs to be moved in order to prepare a space for construction or in this case perhaps a garden project. Within the category of mini digger, it is then possible to find the one that will cater to your own specific needs. It is for instance even possible to find certain excavators with GPS equipment, making it that much easier to map out sites and obtain accurate measurement.

Perhaps a swimming pool?

If you are planning a small project as for instance a stone pathway or if it is something bigger like in the case of a swimming pool, different planning and equipment will be needed. In either case, an excavator will most likely be obligatory. In order to find the most suitable one, the requirements of the project have to be made clear. This in order to determine which type of excavator is most suitable and if there needs to be any specific features. In the case of a mini digger, it might be reasonable to hire one with a canopy.

Before diving in

If you are lucky enough to have space in your garden for a swimming pool some things need to be taken into consideration besides which equipment one should hire. Will it be a natural pool or a swimming pond? How will the design look? Which elements will be chosen, maybe natural stone walls, and what different kinds of water features will be involved? A flat bottom for instance means that it will be a less invasive digging process and it will be much easier to create a levelled foundation.

Between deciding on what materials to use for walls, if there is the convenience of a borehole or not, which liner that is most appropriate, it is important to draw a drainage plan and finally to consult with specialists. Even if it is a DIY project, some things are best left to the professionals. Circling back again to the use of equipment then, some tips might be appreciated, e.g. where it is possible to hire the best equipment for your specific project and to get answers to other questions that you might have.

A word from the wise

Create a plan, map out the exterior, decide on equipment and get started. Perhaps those are the essentials. However, regardless of project it is important to review decisions being made in the process. Talking about equipment for instance, to hire is more advisable then purchasing and as have already been established, it is a jungle out there. Therefore, it is wise to use trusted sites that provide the necessary information that you need. Price, quality, features, delivery etc. are all important factors. In the specific case of excavators, it is furthermore important to also review what type of soil is in question, how large of a quantity that needs to be excavated and does the machine need to be operated by a professional? It all comes down to the specific needs in question. Then the best tip is to simply start digging


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