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18 February, 2021

• MAD trains, giant glass developments, 100 superb trees destroyed by profiteering juggernauts; and an increasing line of people queueing in the icy wind for food.

A shambles of a penny-pinching, indifferent government that actively has failed to protect or support most of the working population, but is backing such as Lendlease and HS2 to destroy stable communities and forcing hundreds to go hungry, lose jobs, homes, and lives that need never have been lost.

So food banks have grown. At Euston, due to “distancing”, people queue outside in all weathers in Lancing Street.

Once about 40, now to over 100, as more and more are sent by various agencies. The workers have all this past year been providing this necessary service.

It can be quite physically demanding, hefting the crates of food to sort or store, rushing the baskets of provisions out to those waiting, organising more deliveries, more funding, more support.

Yet despite the stress and worry for all, inside or out, there is a calm and friendly co-operation, so lacking in all those in power.

Companies like Lendlease and HS2 upset the balance of London by creating giant luxury towers for Tory voters where once large, stable, Labour-voting estates had been.

It takes 100 years to establish a solid community, and at least 100 years for a woodland to establish fully (and Britain only has 10 per cent left where Europe has 40 per cent).

This is a throwaway culture. But the food bank can be supported in lots of ways, such as funds to buy the necessaries that otherwise are not donated or run out quickly; to writing to your MP to insist that people are supported properly so that they can buy their food at their local shops instead.

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