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Suspects fished from Regent’s Canal after ‘foiled MTV heist’

Three men have been arrested and remain in custody

15 June, 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby

THREE men were fished from Regent’s Canal by police after a bungled burglary attempt at MTV’s Europe headquarters.

Police say the suspects donned masks to break into the music industry giant’s HQ in Hawley Crescent yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.

But a quick-witted security guard spotted the trio and alerted the police who promptly surrounded the building.

After setting off the alarm, the men reportedly climbed onto the roof and down a drain pipe before trying to make their escape by diving into the filthy canal.

PS John Hounsell, ward sergeant for Hampstead Town and Highgate who attended the incident along with his officers, said: “They tried to get away but had nowhere to go so all three of them jumped in the canal.

“Unfortunately for them the canal is disgustingly dirty and is thick with scum and algae plus the lock was closed so they were just stuck in this small body of water.

“The water there is shallow so there was no immediate threat to life so we just waited while they discussed with each other what to do.

“It was a hot, sunny day so members of the public were out drinking and eating all along the canal and to them it became quite a funny spectacle and everyone started filming it,” Sgt Hounsell added.

Two men in the water

“One of the suspects scrambled back out and tried to make a break for it through the building but we caught and arrested him. The other two were dejected and eventually handed themselves in knowing they had no other option. They did it to a round of applause from the public too.”

The operation had drafted in between 20 to 30 officers and the marine support unit.

The men, aged in their 30s to 40s are still being questioned. Two are believed to be from the Camden and Islington areas, the third is not from either borough.

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