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Tackle the school-run and waste of energy

12 July, 2019

• WHILE applauding Cllr Claudia Webbe’s comments on the need to step up the pace of action to tackle carbon emissions, we also need leadership and direction on a detailed scale, (Jeremy Corbyn shows his support for Islington Council’s ‘climate emergency’, July 5).

We must be more inventive in our approach, particularly in the areas councils and institutions do control. These include reducing emissions by such simple items as stopping the school-run and ensuring lighting and other energy uses are kept to core working hours.

While many schools are tackling the school-run by working with parents to reduce this, St Mary Magdalene Academy refuses to even meet residents to talk about how to deal with its significant child drop-off. It also has floodlights that remain on long after hours.

This waste has been highlighted to the academy and Cllr Webbe, but to no avail. She is in a position to act and needs to show she can deliver by working with the community that has highlighted this carbon saving potential to her.




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