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17 September, 2020

Petition to ‘Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020’

• COULD the rise in coronavirus cases mean a rise in immunity?

As I write, the new cases are 3,330 and the new deaths are five, according to The Worldometer, as used by the UK government (and for all the figures below).

The death curve flattened at the end of June. The current registered UK deaths for those “with” [includes those who died with co-morbidities and those who only had “suspected or probable” Covid-19 –WHO, code RA01.1.] coronavirus, in relation to the population is only 0.06 per cent, not 6 per cent as many believe.

Yet the UK’s daily headlines trumpet the recent rise in cases, with barely a mention of the low daily deaths (equivalent to fatal traffic accidents – RAC, 2019).

We are not being told what proportion of positive tests for coronavirus cases are mild, asymptomatic or are a response to antibodies.

The more tests there are the more cases will show up and the tighter the control of our governments will be; keeping us frightened; masked up; herded into groups of six and vaccine compliant, for “our own (and big-pharma’s) good”.

On August 14 nearly five million coronavirus tests mysteriously disappeared from the total tests. Why? Could this be the source of the steep rise in the new cases recently being added to the daily figures?

Even without this deficit, the figures show the total tests have increased hugely by about four million since July 23. Adding the missing five million increases the total tests by nearly nine million since then.

Are the figures being manipulated to justify the renewal of the coronavirus bill on September 26?

Also, why aren’t the UK recovered cases listed in The Worldometer? Isn’t this key information needed to show the true picture?

Please sign this petition to “Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020”:



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