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Taxpayers already prop up many private schools

07 June, 2018

Acland Burghley Secondary School

• CAMDEN Council and the tribunal judge were right to reject the application from the parents of an autistic child at a borough primary school for financial support to go to a private school rather than to Acland Burghley, (Parents back family’s battle to choose school for autistic son, May 31).

If every parent who wanted to send their child to private school asked Camden to give them the share of the funding they would have got in a state school, then the borough’s secondary schools would face a serious funding crisis.

Camden Council has invested to redevelop and refurbish Acland Burghley to create a fully-integrated unit for students with autism spectrum disorder. Taxpayers already prop up many private schools through their use of charitable status, with questionable benefits for the rest of society.



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