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Tenants sense a change of tone

01 May, 2020 — By John Gulliver

TEMPERS have eased a little between Hillview estate residents in King’s Cross and their landlord over warnings that they should clear their balconies.

It’s a truce that hopefully will result in a settlement both sides can accept.

I reported last week how a sharply penned email from the landlord, One Housing Association, threatening to remove pot plants, flower tubs and other belongings from the balconies of the 19th-century estate had enraged the residents who felt they were being unjustly ordered about – almost in a “callous” and military style.

In any case, they didn’t think workmen should enter their estate at this point in the Covid 19 crisis.

They were given a deadline to remove their belongings by Friday but this has been extended to early May following a letter sent by the tenants. The offer of a new deadline was due to be discussed by tenants last night (Wednesday).

Tension has simmered between One Housing and the tenants since 2017 over various matters on the estate. Privately built, it was acquired by Camden Council in the 1990s – and then sold on to One Housing.

In a far more conciliatory letter One Housing apologise for any tone that may have offended residents and stress they had been warned that the items on the balconies had become a “fire risk”. They seem to concede that some items may not have to be removed.


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