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TfL’s plans for restructuring Camden Town station will destroy the whole character of the area

12 April, 2018

How the new Camden Town underground station could look

• TRANSPORT for London’s plans for reconstructing Camden Town station, demolishing iconic buildings, evicting people and businesses, and building a multi-storey eyesore, will destroy the whole character of the area, (Vision for new tube entrance is revealed, March 29).

It is exactly 12 years since Camden faced broadly similar plans by TfL. All Camden politicians opposed the plans and the Liberal Democrats carried out a house-to-house survey which demonstrated overwhelming opposition to TfL’s proposals. TfL caved in.

Since then lifts have been installed at Camden Road Overground station, without any foolish proposals for major development of the site.

Also since then, when LibDems and others advocated reopening Primrose Hill station, British Rail acted with – for once – unexpected haste. One weekend, without any councillor knowing, the whole historic superstructure was removed.

These plans are similar in character to those put forward by HS2 for Euston. In both cases gross and unnecessary overdevelopment is proposed so that selling or leasing sites will pay part of the construction costs.

Camden Council must fight both proposals to the very end. We need to organise the same kind of campaign to make them think again once more.

Liberal Democrat candidates for Camden Town with Primrose Hill ward


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