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Thanks for support for anti-fascists vigil

10 January, 2020

• TO all who supported the vigil for anti-fascists in Belsize Park on Monday December 30 I offer my heartfelt thanks.

I have been on anti­-fascist demos in the past but never thought I’d be attending one for the Jewish community and the numbers present filled me with awe.

This was for the first time a demo that felt personal to me and my community. I felt the anger and pain that other minorities have felt so often before.

But I also felt the pride that our anti-fascist community can draw on so many poets and politicos to counter the hate.

Michael Rosen, Rabbi Herschel Gluck, Julia Bard, Liz Wheatley and Weyman Bennett so lucidly turned the fear I felt on arrival into pride in resistance.

I felt loved and protected because I was in solidarity with comrades in the struggle for equality and justice.

Safe in the knowledge that you are there for us I thank you friends! We will overcome.

Former Secretary of Camden Unison Retired Members
Member, Jewish Voice for Labour & Jewish Socialists’ Group


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