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Thanks to Moorfields and the NHS

09 September, 2021

• GOD bless Moorfields! I just wanted to write and give thanks, via our invaluable community portal, the CNJ, to Moorfields Eye Hospital.

My 89-year-old father lost the vision in his good eye on Friday morning so we went to Moorfields A&E and they provided the most outstanding care.

He was seen by two nurses, two doctors and an assess­ment was made that he needed urgent eye injections to stem a bleed caused by wet macular degeneration that they administered that day.

All staff treated him with dignity and respect and listened to what had happened that morning; with particular thanks to nurses George and Ryan and Dr Yeo and Dr Kiray.

We felt blessed to have this free and accessible service in our country and even more lucky to be so local as it is a national service and some people travel from very far distances.

Like all areas of our precious NHS, the service is under great strain and stress and yet still they provide the best of care and were unwaver­ing in their support for my dad and his condition. Signed with uncon­ditional love for our NHS.



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