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The attack on Lord Adonis saddened me

11 January, 2018

• I READ with some sadness the letter attacking Lord Adonis (Thank goodness you have gone, Adonis, take HS2 with you, January 4) from Paul Braithwaite.

The former minister who served both Labour and Conservative administrations did a lot to enhance education. Since his resignation we have additionally lost a good education minister in Justine Greening.

We were nearly, longer-term, landed with a university administrator sending perverted sexual tweets about women but social media and mass public opinion finally removed him after much shyness to act by the government.

His very existence in any educational function of authority let alone university administration showed how flawed is prime minister Theresa May’s judgment on education with her overemphasis on faith schools – nearly as poor as the appalling Tony Blair.

Poor Lord Adonis had to serve both but, of course, by choice.

Asmara Road, NW2


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