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The BBC is not what it used to be…

28 February, 2020

‘I have observed a degradation of the BBC over the past two decades’

• THOUGH I must agree with Piers Plowright in his assessment of the wonderful history of the BBC, and also would not like to see “Auntie” clobbered, I have observed a degradation of the BBC over the past two decades, (We need the BBC more than ever, February 20).

Radio 1 plays wall-to-wall vapid post-industrial vomit with infantile gibberish. Sound quality is unbearable saturated compression (at least 6DB too high at 6k).

Lots of nostalgia yes but it belongs to music lover John Peel. The last geezer to use a record deck at Radio 1 and we haven’t heard Cranium HF or Earth Leakage Trip on Radio 1 since! Blessed (biased?) is his memory. Radio 1 is a corporate ****wipe.

Radio 2 is for an “older audience” and assumes that people wish to hear the turgid pop music of their adolescence for the remaining years of a spiritually deprived existence. The repertoire is a compost of dross from bygone, boring uninspiring!

I never want to hear that again in my life. Get it through your heads, most people abhor Abba, Beatles, Elton, Phil Collins, ELO! Get real. This stuff is carcinogenic! Moody Blues’s Nights in White Satin – I can dig that. (And they make it like people have asked for this.)

Radio 3 is the most bearable of the big four. But is marred by a large slice of pompous dross in the works of Edward Elgar and a host of pre-atonal nonentities. The Proms is an embarrassment. How about playing some of the greatest music of the 20th century – Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Muddy Waters?.

These are the Beethovens of the 20th century. Please don’t subject this music to the “classically trained” regular performers who dominate the guest spots and bore us with trite dialogue so the station can save our Performing Rights payments! This is the best!

Radio 4. If you can’t see what is seriously wrong with Radio 4 see your doctor. From bigots bashing Corbyn to the surreal dementia of The Archers. Pathetic comedy and glib debates, contemporary 4 is for old people whacked out on prescription drugs. (Top prog Just a Minute.)

Yes I want to keep the BBC for all the reasons Plowright has stated. It has a commendable history and as it exists without the commercial pressure it does not sink to the “pure crap” level of available radio.

Hey, remember pirate radio back in the day and the great music they used to play and like back in the 1960s-1970s Radio Caroline like where Radio 1 got all dem cool DJs from? Err, yeah.



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