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The campaign to retain The Tricycle name is growing daily

03 May, 2018

• IN reporting the rumour of the “failure” of the campaign to change the name of our local theatre and cinema back to The Tricycle, you have fallen victim to fake news and inadvertently misled your readers, (Tricycle name change protest fails to stop theatre becoming The Kiln, May 1).

The facts are:

• The online “change-the-name-back” petition, circulated only in the local area, has attracted over 1,000 signatures.

• The paper petition circulated locally has attracted over 500 signatures.

• Brent Council gave a £1million grant to The Tricycle for theatre refurbishment. The chamber was not made aware, in writing or orally, of any plan to change the name. Tulip Siddiq is taking the matter up.

• There is not a shred of evidence to support The Tricycle’s repeated claim of community consultation. Founder members such as myself were not consulted; not a single person we have asked while campaigning was consulted; inquiries among local residents’ associations have produced no evidence whatsoever of consultation.

• We believe that the theatre company in Birmingham called the Kiln Ensemble are considering legal action.

• Members gathering signatures outside The Tricycle have noticed a sharp fall-off in the number of people entering the cinema.

It seems that many people are showing their opposition to the name change by staying away. Support for the campaign is growing daily.



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