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The closest Corbyn came to Trump this week?

Labour leader was having lunch in Highgate

06 June, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

Jeremy Corbyn looks at the picture of Donald Trump hanging at Lauderdale House

THERE has been much column space and air time spent over whether Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn requested a meeting with President Donald Trump during his visit to the UK – or whether the Islington North MP snubbed the chance to talk to the controversial right-wing Republican.

But the New Journal can reveal that Mr Corbyn did in fact meet the POTUS – albeit a charcoal sketch of the man at an exhibition in Highgate’s Lauderdale House. Mr Corbyn was having lunch at the historic house’s popular café on Sunday with his family – and then popped into its gallery to view a show called Post Lux Tenebras by artist Alison Meek.

Ms Meek, who studied at St Martin’s and the Hornsey School of Art, has created a series of images whose theme is the rise of populism in politics.


Ms Meek said: “Jeremy was having lunch and the Lauderdale House manager asked if he’d like to see the show. “He came in and he mentioned that he would see if Trump could meet him for talks – but he wasn’t going to a State banquet in the President’s honour.”

Alison Meek’s charcoal sketch of Nigel Farage

Not all Ms Meek’s images are of men who have become symbols of the division in Britain and the US. In the show, she has gone back to the ancient Greek civilisation. She said: “I wanted to consider the crossovers of art, science and maths, which was the basis of Greek thought.” She considers worrying parallels between modern times and the Dark Ages. Pictured on p1 is Mr Corbyn studying the Trump portrait.

l Post Lux Tenebras at Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, runs until June 24.


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