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The council are behind so much avoidable suffering

08 November, 2018

Cllr Georgia Gould

• THE Forum (There’s no end in sight for austerity, November 1) almost had me weeping in sympathy with our grief-stricken council leader until I realised that she and her staff are behind so much avoidable suffering which happens under her control.

I have had endless problems with housing benefit and council tax largely because the rules are unbelievable. The upshot was that my council tax account has got into a mess.

Having accidentally over-paid, the position now is that Cllr Georgia Gould’s department has taken me to court and informed me by post the day after the hearing despite the fact that I had had extensive email correspondence with them. The first thing her bailiffs did was to add £310 to the bill for putting a letter through my letterbox.

When I applied to have the judgment set aside, her bailiffs put further mail through my door, saying that they can “remove goods for sale… you do not need to be present” and another mentioning my “committal to prison”.

I wrote to the bailiff company to say that I was intending to apply to their regulators to have their licence suspended and they suddenly dropped everything and pulled out.

I sympathise with the council leader’s emotions but suggest that, first of all, she focus her attention on what may turn out to be systematic abuse, which she can put a stop to now if she chooses to do so.

Pandora Road, NW6


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