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The council is not listening to residents here

18 February, 2021

• AS residents of King Henry’s Road, we recently received a card from Camden Council outlining proposed changes to King Henry’s Road, Elsworthy Road and Primrose Hill Road “to make the streets quieter, safer and healthier”.

Residents are referred to a website and a consultation which will be open until February 21. By their very nature these proposals are controversial and far-reaching and require careful consideration.

They will have a major impact on all residential roads in the area and will result in even more congestion in Adelaide Road.

In June last year Camden discussed proposals to make changes to King Henry’s Road and the surrounding streets establishing a Low Traffic Neighbourhood.

No doubt fearing opposition to this plan, Camden’s principal transport planner actually went so far as to recommend that the proposals “should not be widely shared or discussed”.

The work was scheduled to begin in August 2020. Thanks to two councillors these plans were circulated to residents and the overwhelming majority objected to the plans which were then shelved. They have clearly now been reissued.

Is it any wonder that we have no confidence in the LTN schemes which claim to benefit residents, as there is clearly no intention on the part of the council to listen to the views of residents?

We fear they plan to implement these changes regardless of the outcome of the current consultation.

Even before it has ended, Camden have already posted parking suspension notices at the eastern end of King Henry’s Road, on both sides, for “traffic management”.



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