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The council is unaware of how important Carlton school is to the community

12 November, 2020

Carlton Primary School

• IN its apparent determination to close Carlton Primary School Camden took some 350 days to produce its concrete proposals. This left the community around six weeks to comment and come up with its alternative.

The council’s document, a masterpiece in bureaucracy and figures, demonstrates just how little officers know about the importance and centrality of the school in our community.

The proposals omit any reference to the future of the Lismore Circus nursery which is also scheduled for closure. Despite its importance we are told this is being considered by another part of the council.

Yet another part of the council is discussing a future community vision of the area, but this explicitly excludes any reference to these two vital resources. As to costs of the exercise, not a single figure has been presented to us during the consultation process.

Most worrying for parents, carers and children is that the council is seemingly unaware of the ongoing disruption to families’ and pupils’ lives and education caused by the pandemic and we are already in a second lockdown.

A considerable number of pupils have not had access to the internet and this affects also residents’ ability to respond to the online proposals.

Not only has the school been closed for most of the time but the community has had to face the financial and health threats of lockdown. The former is best illustrated by the continuing and growing demand on free food and hot meals distribution.

If the council continues along this course these worries will be added to by yet further disruption to their lives in less than 20 weeks’ time if a closure decision is announced in March with implementation in July and a decision made on December 16.

What a way to end a year of consultation misery.

Carlton Primary School Parent


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