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The council think they are hot-shot developers!

09 August, 2019

• TWO letters in the New Journal explain a lot about the secrecy surrounding Camden Council’s Community Investment Programme.

One identified the large non-building area in Gospel Oak where over 200 flats should have been completed on the “Bacton Low Rise” site by 2017 (no sign of even starting work soon); the other the council’s rejection of the community-supported plan for the Camley Street site.

Camden desperately needs funding for not only the BLR site but also for their plans for the West Kentish Town, Maitland Park and Wendling estates, not to mention the bill, (well over £130million) for Chalcots estate.

It would seem Camden’s cabinet have abandoned any pretence of considering the views, and quality of life, of residents and businesses so that they can be seen as “hot-shot” property developers.

Alas they (or their advisers) seem blissfully unaware of the declining local property market; their unit building costs which are some 40 per cent above those of a neighbouring borough; erosion of communities by ignoring the need for facilities; collapse of the refuse collection; and rising drug dealing and youth violence.

The Camley site is to be the council’s milch cow to support developments in Gospel Oak and Haverstock which in turn is to be turned into a dormitory town for those who can afford over £600k for a small two-bedroomed flat or pay some £1,900 a month to a buy-to-let landlord.



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