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The council’s website isn’t good enough, what’s being done to fix it?

20 June, 2019

• EARLIER this year Camden Council launched its new £260k website. There was then a good deal of press and social media complaints of problems.

A senior councillor responded that there had been no complaints. It was then pointed out to him that if you typed “complaints” into the website search engine this resulted in the response “no pages found”.

This week I tried to locate the “Code of Conduct” document for councillors and the list of their payments of allowances and got “no pages found”.

A friend also sought online the youth violence prevention “action plan” dating from February 2018. Eventually she found it by typing in “community conversations” but there was no indication of it being updated or modified for months or, indeed, following another fatal stabbing in Gospel Oak on April 1 this year.

Many of the application processes for Camden’s services are now only available online yet many of the residents in wards such as Gospel Oak are digitally excluded for a variety of reasons; even if there was a council website “fit for purpose”.

The more paranoid among us might think that this is a deliberate attempt by the council to keep information from residents; surely not! Perhaps the present relevant cabinet member could tell us what is being done to fix it.



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