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The Heath needs cleaning up regularly

04 July, 2019

The mess piling up at Hampstead Heath

• AT weekends, particularly during the summer months when Hampstead Heath attracts the most visitors, surely clean-up teams could work in shifts to clear the rubbish every day; even twice a day.

You cannot blame the general public as it looks as though they are bagging up their waste and taking it to a bin, (Heatwave picnickers leave rubbish mountain on Hampstead Heath, July 4).

But what is the point of their good behaviour as responsible citizens if the rubbish is allowed to pile up and overflow, an invitation to the foxes and crows to scavenge and scatter the waste even further? Not only is it unsightly but it poses a health hazard.

The Heath has been safeguarded over the decades to provide an area of pleasure and recreation to the general public, but this disgraceful lack of care on the part of its management is disappointing to say the least.

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