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The Influence Of News On The Growing Generation: Which Kind Of News Affects This Group?

10 January, 2019

News has always played an important role in society since time immemorial. In spite of the mode of delivery, news awakens the community in every aspect. It offers education and information that is important to the social-cultural development of a society. The growing generation has a lot to gain from news than any other social group. The youths have to stay in the know to be able to shape their social-economic life for a better future.

How Modern Youths Perceive News

In the recent past, there has been a misconception that the youths do not like watching and reading the news. The truth is that the growing generation is more interested in the news than any of the past generations. What has changed for this group is the preferred method of news delivery. While many people expect the youths to stay glued to their TV screens for prime time news, the youths prefer getting news as events happen through other channels of news delivery.

Social media plays a key role in news delivery among youths. The young generation gets news through social media platforms as opposed to the mainstream media. This is one of the positive effects of social media on the youths.

News Topics In Demand Among Modern Youths

To reach out to the growing generation, you need to create entertaining and informative news. The young population does not like reading long stories. They want simplified news that is straight to the point. The youths are not interested in a single topic. They read diverse subjects as they are diverse in their line of thinking. However, one thing that stands out among many young people is their love for entertainment. They can watch and read any piece of information as long as it is presented in an entertaining manner.

The essays writing service offers diverse news writing styles that appeal to the youths. Writing news should be done in a way that captures the reader’s attention and delivers the information in the simplest way possible. In a nutshell, the young generation enjoys the viral news.

How Does The News Influence The Growing Generation?

News has both positive and negative effects on the growing generation.

First, the availability of information to young people at all time is a good thing since it keeps them socially knowledgeable. Today, every young person is informed about whatever is going on in society throughout the day. This is something that was not practically possible some decades back.

Secondly, the availability of news to the growing generation has helped in getting their thoughts out. Social platforms such as Twitter are mostly used by the growing generation to express their concerns about happenings in the society. The youths use social media platforms to effect changes, communicate to the government, and condemn social injustice. According to BBC News, the #MeToo hashtag inspired men and women to come out and speak openly against sexual abuse in 2017.

News also challenges the youths to live up to their potential. When the young people read about their successful peers, they are challenged to achieve more. Most young people follow news about their icons including artists, politicians, and sportspersons. Stories told by such individuals play a key role in inspiring the growing generation to go out and achieve their dreams.

News is also used to spur business growth on social media platforms.Most young people learn about business opportunities online and use such chances to change their lives. This is why social media has developed to be such an effective business platform for product and brand promotion.

News also has a social and psychological effect on the growing generation. The biggest concern about the availability of sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter is that they draw youths from their family lives. Today, young people prefer spending more time on social media sites than having personal time with friends and family. This is one of the psychological effects of social media on the youths. Many youths are completely drawn into their own world and do not have time for physical bonding. A Forbes publication cites the use of social media for long hours as being addictive and psychologically unhealthy for teens.

Creating Viral News

Viral news is the kind that is shared on social media. One of the effects of social media on the youths is that it has influenced their taste for short news. Creating viral news includes hitting the point and delivering the message in a fun way. It is also important to remember that viral news must be delivered as soon as it happens. You must be the first one to deliver the news if you want to remain relevant to the youths.


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