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The Isokon building is a significant cultural monument

24 May, 2018

The Isokon building

• AS the former deputised head of The Isokon Trust, I wish to second Gerry Harrison’s call for a plaque at the building, (Let’s have plaques at Isokon building, May 3).

Perhaps if there had been plaques, or any information about the importance of the building, in the 1980s and 1990s, the building would not have been subject to such neglect.

When we began to fight to save the building from demolition (yes, like St Pancras, it was under threat) many of the original fixtures and fittings were gone or severely damaged and the original materials had not been maintained and were not sound.

I was there when the flats went on sale and 60 per cent of the people I spoke with were willing to compromise on space for the historical importance of the building and its occupants.

One of only three apartment buildings designed by the brilliant Wells Coates (1895-1958), it appealed to and attracted the talented artists, architects, designers fleeing the Nazis in 1934 and the displaced native writer Agatha Christie.

Their presence in one building during the war years makes the Isokon an significant cultural monument that deserves to be memorialised for posterity.

Savernake Road, NW3


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