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The launderette in England’s Lane is a real asset

17 January, 2020

Launderette in England’s Lane, Belsize Park

• I’M delighted to hear proposals to change the use of the premises at 47 England’s Lane from a launderette to a shop have been dropped by the agents for the applicant, (Family-run greengrocers Artichoke pulls out of plans to replace Belsize Park launderette, January 14).

I’m no stranger to being involved in issues relating to high streets and fully understand they must evolve to suit demand if we want them to function in a relevant and healthy way.

However, in this instance, myself and others clearly felt the removal of the launderette represented a retrograde step for the community and business mix on this parade.

It provides a vital service which is not easily accessed anywhere else nearby and is heavily relied upon by many households in the area as was demonstrated by the numbers who signed the petition, those who commented to the council and testimony given to the press.

This short, but successful campaign is a great example of how people working together can bring about a sensible and fair result for their community.

I hope the outcome will send a clear message to any other concerns eyeing up the launderette that it is a not just a unit on a high street but something much more than that and will be defended as such.

It might also be worth exploring nominating the venue to be listed as an asset of community value, which would give the business a certain degree of legal protection should it find itself under threat again in the future.



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