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The leak of the intention to close Carlton school will have had consequences

15 October, 2020

• CAMDEN cabinet member Angela Mason, in one of her rare responses to criticism of the council’s proposal to close Carlton school, has a quibble about the vacancy figures as published in the CNJ the previous week, (These are the published figures on unfilled places at Rhyl and Carlton primaries, October 8).

What she fails to mention is that back in October 2019, the “secret” plans to close Carlton were leaked.

It is highly probable, surely, that parents contemplating a place in a school in the area for their child would hardly opt for a potentially closing school. Indeed perhaps some parents even decided to transfer their child out of Carlton.

The council will, no doubt, vehemently deny that it was the source of the leak but in terms of impact on Carlton’s future pupil roll this was very “helpful” to their closure proposal evidence to the government.

Perhaps Cllr Mason would care to explain her failure to mention this.

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