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The number of actual injuries in Amwell Street cannot be determined from official statistics

10 August, 2018

• JOHN Ackers takes a quick look at the official STATS19 statistics about pedestrian injuries in Amwell Street, (Reducing traffic in Amwell Street would make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists, July 27).

As one who has had the misfortune to have been twice knocked down by cyclists (not in Amwell Street), I too had a look at STATS19, easily found on the internet, and found in the those statistics that the Department for Transport “…concluded that the figures for deaths were accurate. However, the actual total of injuries is likely considerably higher than the reported figure…”. The two incidents in which I was involved were not reported and in neither case were the police or emergency services informed.

It is clear the number of actual injuries in Am­well Street cannot be safely determined from official statistics. And the number of near-misses is even higher. The important point is that the many pedestrians who cross Amwell Street every day should be able to do so safely.



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