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The only bias is from Brexiteers

09 February, 2018

• I AM concerned that the letters pages are increasingly dominated by Brexiteers, from both left and right, who want us to ignore facts.

For your correspondent seeking left-wing reasons for Brexit (Brexit is a right-wing con, February 2), Labour’s manifesto would be impossible to finance because tax receipts and inward investment would decline if we operate under different rules to our neighbours.

We will have to reduce tax income and regulatory standards to remain competitive, and there will be a skills shortage in key public services such as nursing.

For your other correspondent, who talks of the post-referendum high employment and booming stockmarket (It’s rich when people who prefer us to remain in the EU predict economic apocalypse, February 2), Brexit has not happened yet, but the Financial Times reported in December that the value of Britain’s output is now around 0.9 per cent lower than was possible if the country had voted to stay in the EU.

That equates to almost exactly £350m a week lost to the British economy, the same amount that Brexiteers said could fund the National Health Service, and which has been revealed to be a lie.

Now, we are told that the civil service has produced analysis that shows all scenarios of leaving the EU will leave the UK significantly worse off, but the government wanted to hide that information from us, and Brexiteers claim the research is biased.

The truth is obvious – the only bias is from Brexiteers who want us to ignore facts and to deny rigorous analysis. There is still time to stop this destructive and misinformed pathway: please write to your MP to make your voice heard.

St Mary’s Grove, N1


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