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The open space around Dixon Clark Court is there for a reason

04 December, 2020

Dixon Clark Court 

• THE argument against Islington Council’s plans to build on the open space round Dixon Clark Court is based on wide human factors.

That open space exists because Dixon Clark Court was built in that form specifically to allow every resident to enjoy the recognised human needs of “light, space, greenery” in their home, at a time when it was thought legitimate to build taller to achieve those objectives. Both the hard and the soft landscaping contribute to it.

By building more housing quite closely round the tower on three sides, the council will deprive those on its lower levels, in particular, of those conditions to a considerable degree; and the new housing will never enjoy them.

Planting more trees elsewhere (if possible) in mitigation will in no way alleviate that situation, since it is the conditions immediately outside one’s windows that matter.

The solution to providing more housing cannot be to deprive existing housing of its amenities. There are many housing estates potentially at risk of this kind of development, but other options do exist.

James Dunnett Architects, N1


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