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The plan for Prince of Wales Road will provide places for pedestrians to cross

04 October, 2018

• THE objections to the removal of refuges from Prince of Wales Road only tell part of the story, (Prince of Wales scheme would hit pedestrians, September 27).

What is actually planned is as follows: Where refuges are being removed along the route, not only is the road being narrowed and pavements widened significantly, allocating more space to pedestrians but also crossing tables are being introduced as a traffic calming measure. This makes the need for refuges less vital as pedestrians have a much shorter distance to cross.

Additional pavement space is also being introduced at the traffic light-controlled Malden Road junction together with a new crossing, again benefiting pedestrians. Crossings here are also being realigned.

London Living Streets believes that where pedestrians cross, the distance should be as short as possible, that there should be frequent places to cross among vehicles moving at a slow speed and that they should able to cross the road in one go; not stranded in the middle amid traffic fumes. The proposed measures in Prince of Wales Road support this.

London Living Streets, WC1


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