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The plan to close Carlton school is either inept or there’s another reason

13 December, 2019

• CAMDEN Council’s officers are suggesting the closure of Carlton Primary School, on the grounds that the number of children across the borough is falling and they forecast it will fall further.

However, Carlton is the closest school to the proposed development of the vast area of land at Murphy’s Yard and Regis Road and, coincidently, Camden Council have just published the final draft of the “Kentish Town Planning Framework” to administer this.

The framework envisages about 2,000 homes that will be a “policy compliant mix of one, two, three and four bedroom homes”, and so largely suitable for families.

The framework goes on to say that the potential development and population increase in Kentish Town “could be of a scale that requires an additional school, school expansions or remodelling”. The contradiction, within the same organisation, is striking.

Even without the Murphy’s Yard/Regis Road development there are very many reasons not to close Carlton, which is an exceptionally good school serving a community with a high level of deprivation.

The proposal to close Carlton Primary School is either inept, or the real reason for the proposal is not being disclosed; possibly to get a short-term financial fix by selling the building.

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