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The planned closure of Eversholt Street is unacceptable

07 March, 2019

• I HAVE already sent an email to Camden Council demanding that HS2 is told urgently, and in tough language, that we cannot accept Eversholt Street closing up entirely – except for a cycle path – from May till December 2019, (HS2 closing Eversholt Street will strand hundreds of residents, February 28).

I and the other Disability Champions appointed by the council are working hard to create a fully accessible Camden for disabled people and here we will have a main road with no access for disabled people or elderly people going to hospital etc and that applies to all residents living in that street; the end of any shopping there for that period, no way deliveries can be made; no parking even with blue badges; no space for ambulances; or police security; no space for cars to collect elderly and disabled people for leisure time in community venues; school pupils unable to get transport to their schools; a major road closed for eight months etc.

The closure of this street, the loss of its public transport, the loss of access during the period stated cannot be accepted at all!

Chair, Disability Oversight Panel


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