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The problem here is occupation of other people’s lands

12 April, 2018

• MUCH talk recently about “anti-Semitism” so time to consult the dictionary – Semites are said to be descended from Shem, among them Arabs, Hebrews etc. Hebrews are called Jews (from Judah?).

The problem here is occupation of other people’s land. The land of Palestine was taken over in 1948 by Zionists and named Israel. Many Jews resent Zionists and do not approve of the creation of “Israel”.

Politicians of the left wing type support the people of Palestine who want their land returned. Last week Israelis shot and killed many Palestinians in a border dispute. We do not live in a time of peace but of war.

Irish people in the north of Ireland are divided into different types of Christianity. Here on the mainland people tolerate the many religions, without killing anyone.

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