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The problem is not high-density housing…

18 September, 2021

Dixon Clark Court

• THE problem is not high-density housing but the loss of residents’ green spaces and other environmental amenities that are significant features of City Hall’s directed and financed council-estates “infill” programme, (High-density living can work, August 27).

I have no doubt that the architect Harley Sherlock and his wife Folly, incidentally a lifetime campaigner against the death penalty, would have opposed such schemes, including that of Dixon Clark Court. A bench in Canonbury Square Gardens is dedicated to Folly.

Like many, Harley would have looked at the London-wide housing situation and asked questions about how best to meet the city’s affordable housing need.

Is this best done borough by borough or should a “whole-city” approach be adopted; the absurdity of building council homes only for them to be sold off under the Right to Buy; and the obscenity of the capital’s property-prices with its corollary of lengthening waiting-lists?

Ellington Street, N7


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