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The proposal to cut taxes for the rich is an abomination

20 June, 2019

Boris Johnson

• IT is depressing news that Boris Johnson with all his charm and Etonian vowels proposes medicine for this country which is actually a poison and the exact opposite of what should be happening.

When the poor starve and children queue for food parcels; and the fire brigade do not have the proper equipment to deal with Grenfell Tower-style fires; schools are cut to a four-day week; and prison staff are cut to a dangerous level; and children are left without youth clubs and facilities to learn and enjoy themselves – there should be a fairer tax system, not a proposal to cut the taxes of the rich and increase at the same time employee National Insurance payments.

These smack of the ideas of the Sheriff of Nottingham. That such a rich and privileged man should propose to tax the poor to pay the rich is an abomination.



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