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The prospect of no school again is terrifying

12 November, 2020

‘Having to learn from home again would be a severe decline in teen mental health’

• I AM a Year 8 pupil living in Kentish Town. I and many of my friends at my school, and others, feel that school closures would have a devastating impact on our lives and mental heath.

During the first lockdown many of us were really depressed and in a really dark place.

School closures are referred to so casually by adults, government officials; but in all of the schools there are pupils who are individuals and have their own struggles and feelings.

The result of us having to learn from home again would be a severe decline in teen mental health, in my opinion.

Many people have gone back to school in September having done almost no school work since March and this will have an impact on their whole lives.

My classmates, friends, and family all agree that the prospect of staying off school again is terrifying, both in terms of our academic achievement and social lives as well.

I love your newspaper and am an avid reader of it. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the current situation with you – I enjoy getting involved in my local community.

Thanks and all the best,

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