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The proximity of a path lab to our block is damaging

25 June, 2020

• OUR council block, Flaxman Court, is in the narrow Flaxman Terrace.

At the end of the street is the Halo Building which was Unison’s HQ and, in 2017, was bought by the multinational business that is The Doctors Laboratory, a commercial, high-profit, venture.

It is a pathology lab whose clients are the private sector and the NHS. Thunderous motorbikes deliver supplies 24/7.

Many of these bikes break the speed limit as they turn our narrow street into a mini-Brands Hatch. Some exhaust pipes have been manipulated to maximise noise output.

We residents suffer endless noise and exhaust fumes as well as the permanent presence of heavily smoking bike-riders, who wait around for deliveries, using our street as their recreation space.

Residents testify to lack of sleep and severe interruptions to their lives as a result of this business.

For over three years we have been sending emails to request for a change in culture which will reflect good community work practice. To no avail. I have brought this up at the district management committee.

Camden never sought any consultation with us about this severe disruption to our lives before The Doctors Laboratory was installed and have not made any attempt to halt this abuse. Complaints to them have elicited only silence.

The Doctors Laboratory increases its profits and its shareholders by its major new activities while the residents opposite the building receive only damage to their lungs and mental health.

Chair, Flaxman Court Tenants’ and Residents’ Association


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