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The questions remain about the choice of hospitals – Royal Free or Chase Farm

13 December, 2018

Copy of letter to Kate Slemeck, chief executive of the Royal Free Hospital

• Thank you for your response to my letter. We understand that there is a strong business case with good clinical reasons for using the centre at Chase Farm Hospital.

However it has not at all dealt with the problems for patients, family and friends facing long and awkward journeys to that hospital. So the community concerns have simply not been taken into account.

A friend of mine has had to travel for her treatment at Chase Farm. She, who lives close to the Royal Free, was not given the option of being treated at the RFH for her elective surgery. I hope this is not a common experience.

It appears that little action, if any, has been taken to deal with the problems of travel between the Royal Free and Chase Farm. I expect that Transport for London will not put in the better routes needed.

The provision of regular buses from the RFH for patients and also friends and family to go to and from Chase Farm is probably not on your agenda, which is unfortunate.

While I understand your approach being taken for elective surgery there needs to be a very firm public statement, together with advice to every patient when they are advised that they could be going to Chase Farm.

Could you please make a public statement to that effect.

On behalf of NHS watch for North Central London


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