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The Racketeer is a nail in the coffin for London’s continuity and diversity

15 June, 2017

Protests outside the Carpenters pub

• IF anybody believes that the regeneration of King’s Cross has been a win-win story then they should spare a thought for the communities whose noses have been put out of joint by landowner Mendoza – see (Pub at centre of closure battle turned into ‘neighbourhood cocktail bar’, June 8).

For several decades local residents, workers and visitors have kept the Carpenters Arms alive and this, in turn, has allowed old and new communities to coexist comfortably. Customers in King’s Cross could choose between cocktail bars and traditional pubs.

But those days are being brought to an abrupt end because Mendoza has defied planners and has shown total disrespect for all the efforts of the community campaigners and councils who strived to protect this type of asset.

This is making a mockery of well-conceived planning policies and it shows that a shameless company can promote social cleansing and can destroy established neighbourhoods without fear of reprisal.

I have no doubt that newcomers will be attracted to the Racketeer’s cocktail bar and they will be blissfully unaware of the repugnant behaviour of its landowner. The more affluent customers will probably feel very welcome in these premises but every cocktail they buy will represent another nail in the coffin for London’s continuity and diversity.

Monsell Road, N4


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