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The real Brexit story is playing out on the streets

04 October, 2019

• YOUR readers may have noticed that the streets of South End Green came to halt on Saturday because of a news camera crew filming about Brexit.

But it wasn’t the BBC, ITN or Channel 4 News – they think that the only story about Brexit takes place in Westminster between the party leaders MPs.

Ironically it was a German documentary channel ARTE which clearly saw that the real story is being played out on our streets.

They came to film the people’s vote campaign group advertising a march on parliament on October 19 to call for a referendum on a no-deal Brexit. It was clear that ARTE knew where the real power lies in Britain.

And before anyone thinks that they were only interested in the remain faction, they told me they had just come from Kent (which is a strongly leave county) and were going on to Doncaster (which is split down the middle with one MP on each of the pro- and anti- sides of the debate).

Sadly their documentary will not be shown in the UK but only in France and Germany. The good news, however, is that the millions of Anglophiles on the continent, who have watched the shenanigans in the House of Commons with dismay, will see that a sensible debate is taking place locally.

With less than a month to go until October 31, when prime minister Boris Johnson insists that the UK will leave the EU “do or die”, we can still have a rational and reasonable debate in Camden, even if our MPs can only resort to dog-whistle rhetoric and anger. Your letters page shows we can (Brexidiocy is so costly, September 26).

There are so many important issues at stake, our trading relationship, the status of three million non-British EU citizens, how we fill jobs in our health service, that we can debate while the politicians bicker.

Wouldn’t it wonderful if Camden, with its vibrant local media and its well-informed citizens, could show Westminster how to discuss the issues, perhaps through public fora or opinion pieces in newspapers? Time is running out.



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