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The roads immediately surrounding Hampstead Heath are a nightmare for residents, pedestrians and cyclists

22 February, 2018

• MARC Hutchinson’s suggestion (No more cycle paths, February 15) that Camden Cycling Campaign has an aim to incorporate Hampstead Heath into “London’s failing transport infrastructure” is far from the truth and, contrary to his claim, is not supported by the relevant page on our website.

If our transport infrastructure is failing, that is primarily due to an extraordinarily excessive burden of motor traffic which has made many of our roads, including those immediately surrounding the Heath, a nightmare for pedestrians, cyclists and residents.

The primary aim of our campaign is to make Camden’s roads safe and comfortable for all to travel on using just their legs, whether by walking or cycling. Wherever that has been truly achieved, the result has been a dramatically improved environment and big changes in people’s travel habits.

Our suggestions for additional cyclable paths on the Heath are for short connecting links that would allow children and others to approach the schools that border it and the swimming pools and other sporting facilities within it.

The resulting reduction in motor traffic would be a major benefit to everyone who walks, cycles or lives in our car-dominated streets.

Camden Cycling Campaign


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