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04 July, 2019

Lanah P and Her Majesty the Queen at the Primrose Hill Summer Fair

• I MUST put our “humorous” queen killer Lanah P, pictured on your June 13 front page, and with (Thoughts on Her Majesty… June 27), right about our Queen’s powers:

– she must sign off new laws created by the executive, the last time a royal refused to do this was in 1708;

– she can create new laws which relate to the Crown, and she did this to allow females to inherit the crown, even if a male is available;

– she never expected to become queen but only did so in 1953 because her uncle chose love over duty, and her father died early.

Far from descending from an immigrant family, she descends from the Royal House of Scotland, a 14th-century ancestor being the Thane of Glamis.

She can pardon criminals, and did so in 2013 when she put right the wrong that was done to Alan Turing.

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