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The Tory party is more divided than ever before

07 November, 2019

Prime minister Boris Johnson

• POOR Alexander Boris Johnson has been hustled and out-foxed by Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

Johnson thinks that if he has a election now and makes it about Brexit, he and the Tories will win and defeat the Brexit Party.

He is totally wrong. The Tory party is divided. What people keep forgetting is that nearly half the vote in the referendum was for remain. Most of the voters did not want to leave the European Union.

Brexiteers act as if they have got the winning ticket to the lottery when, in reality, all they have got is a ticket to see a unicorn in a cage.

To keep claiming they knew what they were voting for is so silly it like a kid saying “are we there yet” after the first hour of a two-day car trip.

The fact remains even after we “leave” the EU there will be over five years of talks about the next part of leave agreement. So even if we had left on October 31 we would still be in talks with the EU about leaving.

It took seven years for the EU to made a trade deal with Canada. (Britain is made up of four nations, Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland).

Something that Nigel Farage never told the public about is how complex trade deals are to make, did he? Like he forgot about Northern Ireland.

So you did not know all the facts about leaving the EU, did you? You kidded yourself that you did.

The Tory party has never been more divided. MPs are leaving it and joining the Liberal Democrats, or going independent. That is why calling a election now was such a stupid move.

The Tory voters are going to the polls and will be voting against Johnson, not for him. And who can blame them?

They have seen their party and its leader turned into joke and members who have generations of service to the party thrown out like rubbish. Even right-wing Labour MPs were shocked at how PM Johnson behaved to his own MPs.

In this election it is the Tories and Tory party that will lose either way, if they elect a Tory government. That is why Labour and Jeremy Corbyn have everything in their favour.

Brexit is not the Conservatives’ “Trump card”. But it is their ditch – that prime minister Johnson has so dug with his own hands for them.

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