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The Tricycle has a global reputation

03 May, 2018

• THE Tricycle is Kilburn’s Globe, a local theatre whose plays, under the command of Nick Kent, have sailed around the world lending Kilburn a global reputation of theatrical lustre and innovation, (Tricycle name change protest fails to stop theatre becoming The Kiln, May 1).

This name change is discriminatory and incapable of rational justification; it’s a short, unpleasantly terminated word.

A kiln is an oven for firing pottery: perhaps the empty vessels who make supportive noises about a pernicious (and costly?) destruction of The Tricycle name should be fired too?

If sacrificial changes are demanded to welcome the return of a renovated Tricycle, why not restore draught Guinness at the bar or call it Momentum Tricycle.

The Tricycle was founded as a forward-looking theatre which brought people together and fostered a sense of local pride. It signalled that Kilburn was moving into an age of endless possibilities and unbounded hope.

Is this to end as ashes in a baked out oven? Everyone will have their perception but I am saddened by this diminishment of The Tricycle legacy.



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