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The trouble with careless talk and smartphones

23 May, 2019

Cartoon: With apologies to Fougasse 

• I HAVE got one of those new (and marvellously cheap) Huawei smartphones. Somewhere there will be video footage of me walking from my home to the phone shop in the high street.

No doubt somewhere else I can be seen going up to the counter and exchanging small talk with the shop woman. (Her Overground train from Silver Street had been delayed by eight minutes that morning).

Then (recorded for training purposes) you can hear her patter as she gets down to business and sells me my contract. Most of her personal details – and mine – can be found on our various social media sites online. And my phone provider has details of all calls I have made and texts I have sent since.

However, you can imagine I am absolutely horrified to learn that all of this personal information of mine is soon to be made available to the government of the People’s Republic of China.

Thanks heavens for Donald Trump and now Google. They are taking a principled stand in order to safeguard our privacy.



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