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The ‘Union’ is key to the outcome of Brexit

16 August, 2019

• IT is obvious to anyone by now who takes an interest in the politics of Northern Ireland, that the government of the Irish Republic are more interested in achieving a united Ireland rather than a customs-free border as exists at the moment.

An article the i news­paper, on August 3 – ‘Lack of action on reunification vote’ – stated that Senator Mark Daly of Fianna Fail has accused Leo Varadkar of not making necessary preparations for the possible reunification of Ireland.

Unionists in NI and within the Conservative Party need to take heed of the fact that the “Union” that unites the UK is in danger of breaking up if we make a mess of Brexit.

There are still those in the main parties at West­minster who do not take NI’s position with in UK seriously and would prefer to see a united Ireland.

Members of the NI Conservatives in particular need to do more to highlight the problems of NI within the Conservative party nationally and stress the wish of a majority of its people – to stay within the UK.

Unionists in NI as well as the NI Conser­vatives need to do more to persuade “pro-Union” Catholics to vote Unionist or for the Conservatives rather than waste their vote on the Alliance Party who continue to sit on the fence in regard to the border and Northern Ireland’s position within the UK.

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