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The Whittington Stone cat has been forgotten

23 July, 2021

‘The Whittington Stone cat looks rather bedraggled and forgotten’

• I’M glad to see that councillor Rowena Champion is taking an interest in the Bob the cat statue on Islington green, (‘I dread to think where I would be without Bob the cat’, July 16).

But as the Islington environmental lead councillor, I feel that she should now take an active role in our cat here in the Archway.

I am referring to the Whittington Stone cat and the railings surrounding it that looks rather bedraggled and forgotten by the council.

The Whittington Stone is an 1821 monumental stone and statue of a cat at the foot of Highgate Hill, that seems to have been forgotten by Islington Council.

Many London mayors have had their photographs taken there during the annual mayor’s walk from the Whittington hospital to the Mansion House, following in the footsteps of Richard Whittington (c1354-1423).

And to my mind it doesn’t give a good impression of our borough. The large tablet was restored in 1935 and the cat sculpture was added in 1964. So it does hold a lot of history for everyone.

Many actors who are performing Dick Whittington Christmas pantomimes have their photographs taken every year by this stone and, as a Londoner, I feel ashamed of the state and the railing around it that looks a total disgrace for Islington.

So come on Islington give our cat a bit of pride and smarten him up for visitors to our borough. And please no black railings.

Pearly King of Finsbury
Freeman of the London Borough of Islington


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