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There are no grounds for a border – Ireland is one nation

14 December, 2017

There are no grounds for a border – Ireland is one nation

• THERE are a large number of people of Irish origin in Camden. Like them, I shall be interested to read Sir Keir Starmer’s assessment of the internal Irish border aspects of the recent Brexit agreement.

There are no grounds for having an Irish border, anyway. Genetic maps of the British Isles show that Ireland as a whole is genetically homogeneous. In short, nearly everybody there is Irish apart from a few recent immigrants. The people of Northern Ireland are just as Celtic as the people of Southern Ireland.

The referendum itself showed that the inhabitants of Northern Ireland are only entitled to do what England, the far more populous part of the so-called United Kingdom, wants them to do. It appears that all parts of the UK are equal but that one is more equal than all the others.

All the reports are about the DUPers and their “supply and confidence” support of the Tory government. The DUPers are, just, the largest party in Northern Ireland. However they are not the majority, representing, as they do, a particular school of Bible-bashers.

Ireland is one nation.

Chair, England Branch Celtic League


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