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There are to be unintended consequences of Brexit

14 January, 2021

‘Perhaps leaving the EU was not such a clever idea after all’

• OF letters from your correspondent Mike Bor over the last few weeks, one has received criticism but that from him (Red, white & blue tape?, January 7) gets no such criticism from me.

He touches on the matter of what has emerged from the agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The first thing to say is that, despite it being widely and loudly trumpeted by the government as a good and final deal, it is nothing of the kind.

The more so that it said some 80 per cent of the UK economy is based on providing services, which do not get a mention in the agreement.

Having got a majority vote for leaving the EU, it now looks as if the law of unintended consequences will begin to operate.

One seems to be that the basis on which many Scots voted against independence has now gone; and it is probable a groundswell for another vote will be called for.

Our leaving the EU also has repercussions for Northern Ireland. As the Catholic element in the population there grows, there may be yet another call for a vote but this time for leaving the UK not the EU.

When it becomes ever clearer what getting back our laws, our seas, our money, our borders, etc, etc, means it may dawn on the UK public that perhaps leaving the EU was not such a clever idea after all.



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