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There has been a failure to consult or communicate over road layout changes

02 July, 2020

• I AM writing on behalf of a group of residents on Prince of Wales Road affected by several changes to the road layout between the section starting at the junction of Malden Road and ending at Haverstock Hill.

We received a letter on July 29 to inform us that the eastbound parking spaces for the section mentioned would be removed – to be replaced with cycle lanes for an 18-month trial. This would remove 46 spaces without any suitable alternatives provided.

The letter references several factors contributing to the decision:

– Covid-19 crisis: the residents are all concerned about the wellbeing of the community as we face this pandemic.

However, the link between this and parking spaces is spurious at best and the justification provided is insufficient and lacks any evidence to suggest this is an effective measure.

– Speeding: the suggestion here is that drivers are speeding down this road since the onset of lockdown. This is very unlikely to be the case, given the impediments in place due to road works.

The letter references speeds of up to 37mph having been recorded in 20mph zones, but for the entire Camden area without being specific on which roads. It gives no indication of how many times this has occurred.

We are very disappointed with lack of consultation on the part of the council about this new scheme – very shoddy behaviour – and also the lack of communication with residents who live on the street.

You simply can’t blame the Covid-19 situation for this. When did the meeting about this scheme take place? Who was involved and who made the decision?

Why the bad timing, sending through a communication notifying residents a week before work on the scheme is due to start? We don’t believe this was drawn up so quickly and struggle to understand what a cycle lane has to do with Covid-19.

Many residents feel they are being taken advantage of and people are already suffering mental health issues and anxiety due to the long lockdown.

This is now adding to our anxieties, wondering where we will find a parking space; do we dare to go out in our car? As soon as we do, our space will go and we will have to drive around for ages just to find somewhere to park our car.

Camden are making residents feel penalised for having a car.

Lack of parking has been going on for some time. There is no mention of alternative parking or compensation for residents and parking permits are very expensive when you can’t park close to where you live.

Camden needs to offer alternative local parking. Residents are anxious about having to park 10 to 15 minutes’ walk away, at night time, especially if you are alone, elderly, or have difficulty walking.

Camden needs to rethink this scheme and put it on hold until such time as a full and proper consultation has taken place and alternative parking measures also put in place.

The manner by which this has been communicated at a time when we are unable to gather together and voice our concerns has been underhand, unprofessional and irresponsible from the council.

The residents have faced the loss of parking over the past four years and this is another blow for those affected.

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