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There is no right answer, even the experts are divided

26 March, 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

• SORRY, but your editorial stance is so wrong, (Knaves or fools? A fumbling confused government, March 19).

As the selfish panic-buying shows, “the people” cannot be trusted to behave properly in such difficult times. And I am appalled that you can deride “experts” so easily!

Don’t forget “the people” largely supported Boris Johnson and his lackeys, even though, through Brexit, they are prepared to drive Britain over the white cliffs of Dover and into the English Channel, in order to satisfy their lust for power.

The referendum was a stupid idea from the start. Labour should have been telling people that immigration and the EU are not the cause of their difficulties.

Tory austerity policies are what have undermined our society, but our billionaire-owned press was happy to spout the lies of Johnson and his lackeys and the people were taken in.

However I believe that, so far, the government is doing the right thing (admittedly in a muddled and confused fashion) listening to and following the expert advice.

The only problem is, there is no right answer; even the experts are divided, with the UK’s change of direction throwing this into sharp focus.

Intellectually, I thought the initial approach here made sense: vulnerable people and anyone with a hint of the disease should isolate themselves as completely as possible, while the rest carried on, but taking extra care to wash their hands more often and avoiding contact with others as far as possible.

This, experts suggested, would allow us to build “herd” immunity, so protecting us for when the virus returns, which it will.

The new approach: total shut-down for weeks or months, might help us limit the rate of spread of the disease now and, hopefully, avoid the premature deaths of many of our older citizens, but is likely to mean that next winter’s attack will be just as bad.

Now choose which is the best approach. I can’t. But the good news from China, if we trust their information, suggests lock-down works.

For the future, there is hope that we will create a better and fairer society, but will the Tories under Boris Johnson do that?

There I have my doubts but, for now, I hope to see them cancel Brexit and tell “the people” that now is the time for all nations to work together to build a better world, not spin off into an unknown Brexitania.

Eton Avenue, NW3


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