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There’s a clique that lives in a north London bubble

10 January, 2020

• ROBERT Latham’s full support of Sir Keir Starmer as the new leader of the Labour Party has prompted me to write, (Starmer is the best candidate for the new party leader, January 2).

This Camden Labour clique that live in the north London bubble have learned nothing from the whipping they got in two elections and a referendum.

Sir Keir is just another establishment Tony Blair who, you may remember, took us into an illegal war in Iraq. Sir Keir is a knight of the realm, a Queen’s Counsel, now an MP and a full advocate for the anti-Brexit campaign that he and his party lost.

It may sadden him that when we leave the EU he will no longer be eligible to stand as an MEP or get a commissioner’s job in Brussels! He is a bourgeois who tries desperately to identify with the working class through his family’s working-class background. Another Blair trick. He is also a millionaire.

In fact he should never utter the word democracy again as, right from day one after the referendum result, he started a campaign to overturn the leave result that was a smack in the eyes of 17.4 million people who democratically voted to leave the corrupt EU. He even became the shadow anti-Brexit spokesperson.

His colleagues on the front bench hurled abuse at those who voted leave, calling them stupid, racist and a dictionary of undeserved abuse and I didn’t hear him make any objection.

Really the little fiefdom of Labour in Camden needs to get out and about in the rest of the UK and hear what the voters are saying if they even want to exist as a party.

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